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NA - 110
UT - 204

ozzy water entry.JPG

While speaking with Bob Farris, of Cedarwoods Kennels one day, we casually mentioned that we would like him to send us the dog that would make him forget about Cedarwoods First Offense. First Offense was the masterpiece of Cedarwood Kennels.   Of course, nobody would ever intentionally do so, however even great dog men can make mistakes!  Cedarwoods Flyin' High Again is that dog.  He is the very rare combination of exceedingly high prey drive, exceedingly high cooperation, and exceedingly high intelligence, coupled with a bigger than life personality that makes him everyone's favorite dog.  At 7 weeks old he jumped in and swam across our NAVHDA Natural Ability puppy pond.  At 8 months old he effectively retired Mojo from the duck blind, and in the years since he remains the finest waterfowl dog we have ever had the pleasure to hunt over. His finest morning saw him pick up 10 ducks in three foot chop, at -30 wind chills on the Finger Lakes. The following day he picked up 18 ducks at -15.  Of course, First Offense is his grandfather!

In addition to a lifetime of spectacular field pursuits, he has had a remarkable NAVHDA career as well.  At 2.5 years of age Ozzy severed an artery and ligament in his front leg while training.  As such, he was not allowed off leash for the five weeks prior to his Utility Test.  Regardless, he pulled of a perfect 204 point Prize I. He also completed his Natural Ability Test with 110 points and a Prize I when handle by our 8 year old son!

Ozzy's exploits have led him to be featured in a Lynch Mob Game Call advertisement, in a Field and Stream magazine article listing the 10 best duck dog breeds, and in the National Bird Dog Museum! 

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