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As a member of the North American Pudelpointer Alliance we are blessed to have access to the absolute best collection of top scoring pudelpointer stud dogs in North America.  Here are the stud dogs we have utilized to create hunting companions which we feel measure up to the demands our hunting lifestyle.

Killbuck's Viceroy - NA 112 UT 204

Viceroy was the highest scoring Utility dog on the East coast during his time.  He ran two Utility tests with scores of 201 and 204!  He has sired 3 different Versatile Champions

Prairie Trout's Yaeger Kai NA 108 / UT 196 Prz 1

Kai obtained his UT 1 prize at only 18 months old.  He has the wonderfully clownish personality which all pudelpointer stud dogs should have. As the last surviving son of the greatest pudelpointer stud dog in history, Cedarwoods First Offense, Kai is as historically important as a modern day stud dog can be.  We are fortunate to be one of only two kennels who have been approved to use him

Cedarwoods Comfortably Numb - NA 112  UT 204

Lido has achieved maximum Natural Ability and Utility scores at a very young age and he will be running in the 2024 NAVHDA Invitational. Given the fact that his dam, Prairie Trout's Rambunkious, has already obtained the first VC Breeders award in pudelpointer history, we love his chances.  Lido is hunted daily, six months out of the year, from Montana to Arizona.  His 2024 litter with Emmylou will be one of the few times in pudelpointer history when both parents have achieved perfect 204 Utility scores.


Hank is owned by Outlaw Pudelpointer's, Joe LoCicero.  Joe called us and asked if we had room to train Hank for his NA test.  We did not, however; our friends at Mountains Fury Kennel did.  As such, we got to work with Hank 2-3 times a week during both his Natural Ability and Utility training.  Hank is the most explosive and big running pudelpointer we have seen, and I believe he may just be the highest scoring NAVHDA Utility imported stud dog in pudelpointer in at least the last twenty years

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