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Cedarwoods Rebel Rouser ( Max) was our first pudelpointer and he arrived in 2003.  Bob Farris, at Cedarwoods Kennels, thought fit to send us a puppy out of what would become the most successful pairing of pudelpointers in history, Cedarwoods Quincy Dan and Cedarwoods Zinfindel. Offspring from these two dogs would average over 108 points in Natural Ability in a day when the average NA score was hovering around 95.  They would also pass thirteen separate Utility Tests.  When researching pedigrees one would be wise to look for these dogs, whose influence is still seen today. 

Max was a perfect, 112 point NA dog, and a UT Prize II dog.  He was a great family dog and helped raise our two children, in addition to being a fantastic grouse, woodcock and pheasant dog.  His passion however was found in a duck blind.  Take a moment to watch this short clip of Max retrieving Old Squaw ducks on the shore of Lake Ontario at -20 windchill.  To him, that was just a normal day!

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