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Lunatic Fringe's Brown Eyed Girl (Lilly) is a dog bred out of our litter of Cedarwoods Into The Mystic and Killbuck's Viceroy.  Whelped here in our home we had an upclose view of her development.  She was swimming on her own at 6 weeks of age and retrieving live mallards at 7 weeks. Her boldness led us to nickname her "Meyhem".   Our only concern with her was that she would grow up to be a bit more "alpha" than we would like. Our concerns were unfounded.  Lilly has grown up to be an exceptionally cooperative and sweet dog who has never met a stranger.

Lilly was handled by a nine year old girl to a Natural Ability Prize 1, 110 points at 9 months and spends her time woodcock, grouse, and pheasant hunting in Northern New York. 


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